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EXPOSUCRE USA. it´s a commercial company, created to produce, export and import fresh and processed agricultural products; handicrafts and electronic equipment, is headquartered in the city of Sincelejo sucre - Colombia and a subsidiary based office in the United States;created and legally authorized by the Chamber of Commerce of Sincelejo, the ministry of foreign trade in Colombia and duly registered in the USBA
Exposucre usa will make the first agricultural products processing plant giving added value to your business
30 new permanent jobs will be created directly; and organic crops of fresh fruit for different international markets already positioned and some new from the old continent is implemented.
Help turn the subregion of the Montes de Maria in one, suitable for healthy living productive zone where people, in these moments almost all considered vulnerable population, will become an example of overcoming. And all this in partnership with regional development, our company grow together every day generating employment, development and productivity
Contact us
COLOMBIA: Of. Calle 24 # 39 - 52 Sincelejo, Sucre Ph (575) 280 02 01
USA: 1231 Fairlake Trace, Unit 612 Weston. Fl. 33326 - Wharehouse 22750 SW 134 Ave. Miami, Fl. 33170 Ph. 954 638 34 25
In early 2002, after an analysis of the financial and productive situation of the peasants, displaced, vulnerable and single mothers in the mountains subregion of Mary, departments of Sucre, Córdoba and Bolívar, he concluded it was necessary to create businesses in the area that would generate jobs and the ability to market products of this forgotten region. Thus, when the idea of ​​creating the company Exportadora arises Sucre & amp; Limited Company - "Exposucre" company is, which is then converted and with new partners in EXPOSUCRE USA currently generates 35 direct jobs in the region, sells approximately fresh produce 1,200 tons of yam in different varieties and 600 tons of lemon Tahiti . Similarly, production in plant value-added products such as yams, cassava and taro vacuum packed, the fruit pulp and lemon juice began. It is supremely satisfying for us that every day our company will help the development of this region and constantly we can say !!!! WE CREATE COMPANY !!!!
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  • fresh products
    see more Los fresh products
    Both vegetables and fruits are fundamental pillars for good health.
    Vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants act effectively against disease.
  • packaged
    see more Our products packaged and hermetically sealed retain the essence and freshness of the product;
    Offering our customers high quality and reliability
  • handicrafts
    see more Hand sucre people the best craftsmen, recognized worldwide for its handicrafts in arrow cane,
    we offer customers quality and reliability in our crafts and elaborate;
  • tropical products
    see more Colombia's geographical position gives us the ability to provide a variety of tropical fruits and vegetables,
    With health claims for consumption besides being an attraction Agrónoma in our country. since many of the products are grown only in these areas of the planet

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